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From the start ups to the established business in large number of industries with Bangladesh's context have great opportunities for taking digital marketing services as teh country has just laid the digital foundation, which will only expand online business prospects. We always are striving to educate ourselves on the quickly evolving changes specific to a number of industries so that we can serve our clients more effectively.

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Health Care

Healthcare Industry comprises of clinics, private medical services, physiotherapy, and maternity services etc health checkups. Besides, many doctors are also consulting patience at private chambers. Many Medical institutions are offering various health service packages. These service may be promoted in the social media to educate people and aware the medical patience to take their services. Doctors can develop their integrated patience reserving system app, patience history keeping app etc for better service.

Dental Care

Dentists private chamber practice with personal branding, dental service packages etc can be highlighted through Social Media Advertisements and marketing campaigns. In addition to that, patience booking system web application and Dentist’s Website can help along to expand the wideness of the service.

Travel Agency

Travelers interests in Bangladesh has been recently boomed and yet to expand. Travel Agencies can have their wonderful websites with all sorts of information the tourists require in their trips including the tourist spots, restaurants, food, hotels, shopping, air ticket reservations etc. A professional website can help the travel agencies to attract more people to take their services. Social media advertising can also help them preaching their travel packages to their potential clients.

Real Estate Agency

Social media including Facebook Marketing Campaigns can play the most significant role for real estate advertising. Readymade apartments for selling displaying in social media advertisements with photo images of exterior and interiors and concrete information is the most effective way to make potential buyers aware. It has already been proved to be more effective than conventional ATL Marketing activities with lesser cost of marketing.

Fitness Gym

The awareness for fitness is also an every expanding propensity of the city people in Bangladesh. Fitness clubs and gyms can advertise of their ith social media marketing campaigns to their target audience to showcase their facilities, success stories of their clients and packages certainly will help them to grow their business to the full potentials.

Hotel & Resorts

Hotels and Resourts reservation, booking system can significantly increase their clients with efficient online reservation and service descriptions and demonstration in their professional websites integrated with their web application and social media sites, social media advertisements can surely take their business couple of steps ahead straight away.

Education Institutes

Education service will only expand with the increasing awareness for quality education. From preschool to varsity, from academic coaching to admission coaching, international exam preparatory coaching, advertising is a must to educate students and their guardians about the services and series of activities they promise. Social Media has a remarkably high impact to promote educational institutions. The admission, attendance, data base of those institutions also required integrated web app and dynamic dash board web sites for information demonstration.

Food & Restaurants

Displaying delicious food image is a proven success requirement these days. Social media official page is not enough in the digital world today. Review option, continuous feedback of the people engaged with their page along with ad campaigns, promoting events, introducing information regarding new arrival of dishes and packages are all that equally contribute to the success of food brands today.


Displaying ever changing newly arriving furniture image is needed. A readily customer feedback and reviewable face book page along with ad campaigns, promoting events with discounts and package offerings, introducing information regarding new arrival items will help the businesses grow lot faster.


An online based shopping system with online store can open a new horizon of opportunity to a conventional business. It can multiply the sales many many times. There are many scopes for an existing online based shopping store with the advanced web apps, product information displays, discount promotions through social media ad campaigns etc even for a small business to grow to a gigantic one with the blink of an eye.

Counselling Services

The scope and volume of this service industry comprises of many different types of counseling services including psychological counseling, legal advisory, overseas migration counseling etc can be multiplied many times with the advertisements and campaigns using social media platform and also the systematic service delivery with client’s data base web apps and service demonstrated websites.

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