Social Media Advertising Management ensures proper utilization of the social media advertising budgets to serve the purposes of social media advertisement campaigns in the most efficient manner, consistently

Social Media Advertising Service

NazzTech Social Media Advertising Service Process

Step 1

A Social Media Expert will be set exclusively to handle your account

NazzTech set one of its social media experts to your business account. NazzTech team will reduce your Facebook promotional cost and amplify outcomes. Our team will run your Facebook media campaigns and leave you with the experience of increasing outcomes at lesser cost.

Step 2

Outlining Advertising Strategy

It’s never a good idea to spend money in advertisements without setting the objective and purpose of advertisement. It is absolutely necessary to set the social media advertising strategy first. NazzTech Team will design the advertising strategy first being aligned with your expected outcomes.

Step 3

Create captivating advertisements for viewers’ engagement

After setting the advertising strategy next step is to create ads that people like to engage with. Our creative team will write your copy, headlines, slogans, develop the required still images, slide shows and animations for your advertising campaigns. We will also undergo A/B spilt test of those advertisements to identify and set the most result driving ads for your business.

Step 4

Observe your ads performance and taking contingency plans to optimize

We will track the relatively weaker zones of your ad campaigns with our daily base monitoring. We will spot out low performing ingredients of the ad recipes and take measures for immediate effects. Launching alternative ads to get better results will be made.

Step 5

Reporting for your evaluations

Our team will let you see the performances of your paid advertisements. Our team will prepare reports every month for providing you the opportunity to precisely review the social media performance of your business. We will help you to track actual conversion of your paid advertisements by using the conversion tracking tools.

Why Should you hire us: Social Media Advertising Service

NazzTech’s Ad campaigning expertise

Some businesses set their own ad campaigns in social media and evaluate campaign performance. But they lack with limited knowledge and unable to undertake contemporary best practice. We run many social media advertising campaigns every single day for our valued clients and have substantial experience to understand the “x” success factors. We make difference with our copies, headlines, keywords and experience in A/B Split testing, optimization, retargeting and conversion. If you have a start up or a small business with big dreams, we would recommend you to focus more on your business operations where you are best at and leave the social media advertising campaigns where we are best at.

Save your Money

Many businesses set their own campaigns to save agency cost and spend relatively more in advertisements. In the process they end up spending more in the campaigns for desired outcome. Our experience of launching advertising campaigns in Face book and other social media ensures the ultimate efficacy of the campaigns at least possible spending. Render us to set your campaign to get much more impactful outcomes and save your money.

Least Service Charge

NazzTech’s sets the lowest service charge in the industry. Many local digital marketing agencies compel small businesses to spend the entire marketing budget on them. Hiring an agency with entire marketing budget is like buying a car without fuel. We receive service payments for the true cost of service and allow our clients to spend more on paid advertisements. NazzTech sets the comparative advantage of lowest service cost over its local and international competitors by introducing one team solution, virtual office set up as team members’ work from home with 24*7 online connections.

Easy contracts

NazzTech services are backed with high integrity with zero complicacy deals. NazzTech does not require your business to do lot of paper signing and documentation for a service contact. It’s only a phone call what is required from you and NazzTech wants to earn your trust.

We will drive to generate the highest leads for clients through digital marketing

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