Social Media Marketing Management helps businesses grow with brand awareness, build customer engagement & increase traffic through creating and setting advertisements in the social media

Social Media Marketing Service

NazzTech Social Media Marketing Service Process

Step 1

A Social Media Expert will be set exclusively to handle your account

NazzTech will set one of its social media experts to your business account. This person will contact you or your assigned people/group of people as many times you want to learn about your business goal, objectives and Social Media Marketing purpose. You or your assigned people/group of people can directly communicate with our expert for idea sharing time to time.

Step 2

Outlining Tailor Made Social Media Strategy for your business

NazzTech Marketing Team will analyze your business, product, service, industry and also build insights on target segments’ demographic and psychographic nature. The team will develop one or more buyer personas for your business and finally design social media advertising strategies. You or your assign personnel will be notified time to time and also get required feedback from your end. Nevertheless, our team will finalize the strategy only when you are fully convinced with the strategy.

Step 3

Creating effective social media advertisements and contents

The next step is to create the captivating social media advertisements and unique contents for your brand. NazzTech Marketing Creative Team will show you every ad contents we develop and take your reviews. You will be able to bring any change you want before your approval. Each of the contents will only go live after your approval.

Step 4

Social Media Optimization with Daily Maintenance

It’s always important for brands to stay connected with people in social media. Our team will monitor all the activities which include social media comments, messages, and reviews and will provide the responses ideally within 24 hours in order to grow your brand in social media. We offer businesses to do up the daily maintenance service as post purchase services are often related and businesses may like to deal with those.

Step 5

Reporting & Feedback

Our team will prepare monthly reports of your social media performance for your review. Of course you will make social media reviewing tools accessible to you to be able to view your social media progress at any time. Scheduled weekly or monthly meetings with you for discussing progress and getting feedback from you is often critical for success and our team will always be one step away from you.

Why Should you hire us: Social Media Marketing Service

NazzTech’s Social Media Advertisements & Contents

Like many other digital service organizations or freelancer, we don’t create advertisements and contents exactly to replicate business’s instructions to complete the deal. NazzTech learns your business first, analyze your target markets, analyze their demography and psychographic needs and then blend your expectations with the purpose of your ads and contents creations to bring about the highest leads.

Least Service Charge

Many local digital marketing agencies compel small businesses to spend the entire marketing budget on them. Hiring an agency with entire marketing budget is like buying a car without fuel. We receive service payments for the true cost of service and allow our clients to spend more on paid advertisements. NazzTech sets the comparative advantage of lowest service cost over its local and international competitors by introducing one team solution, minimal office cost team members’ work from home with 24*7 online connections.

Easy contracts

NazzTech services are backed with high integrity with zero complicacy deals. NazzTech does not require your business to do lot of paper signing and documentation for a service contact. It’s only a phone call what is required from you and NazzTech wants to earn your trust.

We will drive to generate the highest leads for clients through digital marketing

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