A business without a professional website is inefficient and back dated. A business website provides users precise information about the products and services and a strong platform to engage customers with the brand

Website Development Service

NazzTech Website Development Service Process

Step 1

Learn about your business

First of all, our web designing team will learn about your business. Our team may visit your office, talk to your people to know about your products & services, discover their strengths and opportunities and all the relevant information about your business operations and industry. Our team will send you questionnaire and learn about the features you want to integrate on your website.

Step 2

Know about your design preferences

Our web designing team will like to understand your website design preferences. We will show you alternative themes, graphic and color, text and image combinations, background textures etc. and learn from you about your design preference.

Step 3

Selecting most appropriate Web Hosting and Domain platform

We will get access to your hosting account to design your website as per your preferences. Obviously this will be required if you have your existing website which you intend to renovate or improvise. In case you do not have any website previously and opt NazzTech to develop a brand new website for your business, we will recommend you about hosting companies and develop a professional website on WordPress. We generally recommend small and new businesses to develop WordPress site. But we have our expert programming team to develop highly dynamic sites with web applications.

Step 4

Frequent Presentations of draft website parts

Our team will demonstrate you the draft website parts time to time to get your reviews and once we will complete your website, we will submit the draft website to your business to use and to provide us revisions you want. We will make all the necessary changes as per your recommended revisions and finally hand over your desired website to you for your approval.

Step 5

Launching the website live

After your approval, we will set the website live version in the primary domain and allow you to enjoy the changing experience of your business.

Step 6

After launching Maintenance Service

In case business wants “NazzTech” to provide the post launching maintenance service including routine updates and security, we have our support team to deliver that.

Why Should you hire us: For Website Designing

Save Your Money

Many programmers break down their service in many parts and offer their web development service with a charge that apparently looks reasonable to you. But that’s only a partial payment; they set service charge in many ways, especially with their post development service. We offer our clients a single charge for complete package with no hidden or extra charge and allow our clients to save their money in exchange of building long term relationships.

Work with your preference

Our web developer team will develop alternative templates, backgrounds, designs for you and let you to choose your own website design and themes.

Customized Web Design

Many Web Designers use the same standardized templates, backgrounds, color and designs for quick production. These websites fail to create unique propositions to the users. We offer customized web design for every web site and make sure your web has unique design and components.

Websites with advanced marketing built functions

We build websites with built in facilities for search engine optimizations so that your website comes earlier in the organic search result. Our developers build website with your end goal in mind. Our team communicates with our clients at every stage of development and learns about the purpose of your website and designs the site accordingly to ensure optimization for conversion. Your advertising services will drive optimal result with NazzTech built site.

We will drive to generate the highest leads for clients through digital marketing

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